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Our Hifz program promotes love and respect in our students who want to learn Quran by heart (memorize) as well as recite, ponder, understand, implement, and cultivate the teachings to make Quran their guiding star.

The students are taught to prefer relating to the book in their daily life to be successful now and in the hereafter.
By memorizing and understanding it you can easily implement the teachings of Islam in your daily life.

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FAQs About Learning Islamic Supplication (Dua)

Supplication (also known as petitioning) is a form of prayer, wherein one party humbly or earnestly asks another party to provide something, either for the party who is doing the supplicating (e.g., “Please spare my life.”) or on behalf of someone else.

Islamic Supplication is one of the significant acts that Muslims conduct in their daily life. it’s a vital method to worship Allah; as Allah is hearing every word we say especially when we practice Du’a.

Although this matter varies incredibly depending on student’s ability, IQ, commitment, and age, we can say that a child (5–8) of an average IQ could be able to recite dua within 6 months. It takes time to make them learn how to make dua in Arabic. For a child of 10 – 13 with average IQ, it may take 3-4 months.

You can learn Islamic Supplication (du’a) fast & easy at Aya Institute through one-to-one online Dua’a (supplication) classes with the best native Quran Islamic scholars via the internet. Our Islamic tutors will teach you Duain or daily supplication. These supplications are from authentic books of Hadith & the holy book of Quran. They include eating, drinking, morning and evening duas. You will also memorize needful duas and azkar when entering Masjid and get out of it. Dua for going to bet and washroom. Dua for wakeup. These dua’as have much importance in our lives, as they bring Allah’s support to us.

Making Dua’a (Supplication) is very important worship in Islam. The benefits of supplication are immense as are its virtues, such as:

  • Supplication is an act of obedience to Allah (SWT). By offering supplications, we are actually carrying out Allah’s command.
  • Supplication (Dua) protects us from arrogance.
  • Supplication (Dua) is the most noble of deeds before Allah (SWT).
  • Supplication (Dua) is beloved to Allah (SWT).
  • Supplication (Dua) expands a person’s heart.
  • Supplication (Dua) is a means of warding off Allah’s anger.
  • Supplication (Dua) shows our reliance upon Allah.
  • Supplication (Dua) is a means of ennobling the spirit.
  • Supplication (Dua) keeps us from helplessness and is an indication of our astuteness.

You can learn Islamic Supplication (Dua) online at Aya Institute starting from 30$ per month which grants you 4 Hours per Month, 1 Hour per Week, and One/Two Days per Week.

Dua is supplication, which can be described as an intimate conversation with God any time, day or night, in any language. Then there is salah, which is a ritualistic sort of prayer to be performed five times a day, and in Arabic, for the sake of uniformity among Muslims.

Moreover, Daily Prayers are obligatory to all Muslims. On the other hand, making Dua (Supplication) is not an obligation.

Yes, you are allowed to make dua both during, and after salah, but the duas just before you end your salah must be established from the Quran or sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), while duas made after salah have no such restrictions, and can be made in any language.

There are some tips to get your Dua accepted by Allah (SWT):

  1. Make Dua for others.
  2. Ask people to make dua for you.
  3. Make lot of duas and many times during the day.
  4. Always discuss your problems with Allah first.
  5. Do a good deed.
  6. Give up a sin.
  7. Give thanks to Allah (SWT).
  8. Imagine and expect positive results.


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